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  2. Here’s a review by K.C. Finn: 5/5
    The Illusionist and the Goblin Princess is penned by author James Greene in the fantasy, romantic adventure, and action subgenres. The work is suitable for the general adult reading audience. The plot follows Tenn Peller, an illusionist burdened by the chaos of life, who struggles against society’s perception of him as a trickster and con artist. Fulfilling his teacher’s dying wish only deepens the misunderstanding, leaving Tenn isolated and misunderstood.
    However, amidst his despair, he encounters someone who brings a new kind of chaos into his life, one that feels strangely comforting. As Tenn grapples with his past and the tumultuous forces shaping his present, he must confront the question of whether he can find happiness amidst the chaos or if the relentless turmoil of the world will forever overshadow his chance at fulfillment.
    Author James Greene has crafted an utterly charming and heartfelt story that perfectly balances elements of fantasy and romance, drawing readers into Tenn’s world and inviting them to journey alongside him as he navigates the complexities of love, identity, and redemption. The characters are richly developed, each with their own layers of complexity and some really stellar dialogue that feels realistic and unique. I was totally invested in Tenn from the start with his quick wit and sharp styling, and the storyline is both compelling and thought-provoking as we see him tested and made to question himself. The imaginative descriptions bring scenes of magic and mayhem to life, giving the work that fantasy feel, and I was deeply immersed in the cinematic quality of the text in every atmospheric scene. Overall, The Illusionist and the Goblin Princess is a captivating tale that leaves a lasting impression, and I would highly recommend it to fantasy fans seeking a ripping adventure tale with a heartfelt emotional arc at its core.

  3. Here’s a review by Pikasho Deka: 5/5
    The Illusionist and the Goblin Princess is a fantasy novel by James Greene. Labeled a trickster and a con artist, Tenn Pellar is an illusionist who plies his trade for the Wanderer’s Guild, hunting monsters in the small town of Westgear in the Earldom of Makina. He suffers from a peculiar affliction of loathing the touch of any woman due to past childhood trauma. After a particular job hunting two goblins, Tenn finds himself stuck with a goblin princess named Izzy-Izzy, and soon, the duo begins to work together. However, Izzy- Izzy is an avatar of Kiroa — the goddess of chaos. Meanwhile, high- ranking noble Hector, who has enslaved a colony of goblins, has sent three formidable adventurers to capture Izzy-Izzy. Now, against all odds, Tenn and Izzy-Izzy must find allies to stop Hector and free the goblins and Izzy-Izzy’s mother.
    Using a potent concoction of magic, action, and adventure, James Greene delivers an engrossing fantasy novel that lovers of the genre will devour with relish. The Illusionist and the Goblin Princess draws you in from the get-go and refuses to let your attention waver until the finish line. With a fast-paced plot and layered character work, Greene puts readers into an immersive fantasy world featuring unlikely heroes, a mass-murdering maniac, and a healthy dose of magic and mayhem. Each character feels well- developed and has their own story arc that comes together seamlessly to round off the tale toward the end. Tenn and Izzy- Izzy’s friendship was one of the book’s primary highlights for me. I also enjoyed the dynamic between Silvia, Beatrix, and Destrian. All in all, a treat for fantasy readers.

  4. Here’s a review by Delene Vrey: 4.7/5
    Tenn Pellar is a mediocre elvish illusionist; he spends his life looking for another student of his late master to convey a message. To do so, he moves around quite a lot and it may be time that he once again moved on to another country. The problem is that he makes his money as an adventurer, but all the parties he has joined on jobs tend to con him out of his share. When he takes an easy one- man job to hunt down some goblins, he gets the surprise of his life. A strange girl invites him home, and then her parent – goblins (the ones he had to kill) – pay him to take their daughter away and protect her. And they pay him in gold –a six-foot bag of gold! Izzy- Izzy is abducted by another group of adventurers working for Ser Hector, who has a whole colony as his slaves. Their queen is in menopause, and they need a replacement; that is where Izzy-Izzy comes in. She did not know she was a Goblin Princess. Tenn and some friends he and Izzy made along the way lead a rescue mission to save Izzy-Izzy and free the slaves. The Illusionist and the Goblin Princess by James Greene is a fun read that will entertain young and old.
    The Illusionist and the Goblin Princess by James Greene is a fantasy with magic, elves, goblins, and humans. The story unfolds rather quickly and has many surprises along the way. I liked that this was a relatively short standalone fantasy addressing many relevant topics. The main topic is slavery and how a person’s perception of someone or a group of people can influence their behavior toward them, in this case, enslaving and killing them at will. Some of the other topics addressed are domestic violence, prejudice, and the effect of anger mixed with cowardice. The book also teaches a valuable lesson about becoming too focused on a single goal so that you become selfish and forget about the world and the people around you. An interesting perspective was given on the gender question of what it would be like if women and not men were the authoritative figures in a community. In this case, people would not believe that a woman and a mother could be as cruel as men could be. The point is that anyone in an authoritative role could abuse that power. A book I can gladly recommend.

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