4/5 Interviews

I was supposed to post this around June 5, but I kept forgetting. Sorry. Here’s a list of four of my five interviews. The last one’s release was supposed to be around the end of June, but I haven’t received any word on it yet: Neon Jazz Podcast https://famousinterviewswithjoedimino.blogspot.com/… Vigilantes Radio https://fountain.fm/episode/FicxP0dweoQMAGiB9Dft Deal By Me […]

UK & Ireland Bookstores

I was supposed to upload this around June 5, but I kept forgetting. Sorry. My books are available in the UK and Ireland now, but only in the following bookstores: Bell Book Candle, Sea Rd, The Claddagh, Galway, Ireland Dartmouth Community Bookshop, 9a Foss Street, Dartmouth TQ6 9DW Greenhouse Books 13 Great Underbank Stockport SK1 […]

Welcome to Greene House Books

Hi everyone, welcome to my website. This is my first published book, so if you have any criticism you can post it here. You can also tell me what you like about the book if you feel like it, but I’d prefer constructive criticism, as it’ll help me to make the next book (If this […]